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Nita Newborn


An excellent training tool for phlebotomy and infant-specific procedures, the Nita Newborn includes the basilic, saphenous, popliteal, cephalic, post-auricular, temporal, and external jugular veins. When accessing a vein, a "pop" is felt as the needle enters it, followed by a realistic flashback of simulated blood confirming proper needle placement. Nasal and oral openings allow placement of nasal cannulas and endotracheal, nasogastric, and feeding tubes to teach suctioning, securing, dressing, and cleansing. Replacement parts available.

Nita Newborn
  • Infant model
  • Right, left arm skins
  • Right leg skin
  • Headcap skin
  • Umbilicus
  • Blue veins and tubing
  • Blood reservoir bag
  • 1qt simulated Blood
  • ID bracelet
  • Carrying case
  • Diaper

Review Summary

Nita Newborn

Latex Free

Anatomically Correct Infant Training Model

  • Life-like model includes realistic vein size and wall thickness
  • Veins in head, arms, and right leg are made with latex-free material that has 50% less needle drag
  • Redesigned umbilicus and umbilical valve allows repeated catheterization with 5FR umbilical catheter with proper placement verified by blood return
  • Ideal training aid for insertion, assessment, dressing care, venipuncture, central venous catheter, umbilical catheter, and PICC
Nita Newborn™
Estimated ship date of 05/11/2021
Nita Newborn™
Replacement Skin & Vein Set
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
Nita Newborn™
Replacement Veins with Umbilical Valve
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Nita Newborn™
Replacement Umbilicus
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
Nita Newborn™
Large Blood Reservoir Bag
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
Nita Newborn™
Replacement Carrying Case
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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