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Neutral Buffered Formalin

If you have ever struggled with large, hard-to-carry trays of formalin vials, you are going to love the lunch-box packaging of HistoPak™, a pre-filled 10% neutral buffered formalin (pH 7.0). Each box has a top flap that folds over and locks into place but can also be pulled up to form a handle, making transportation a breeze. Vials are labeled in accordance with OSHA standards for formaldehyde and display lot number and expiration date. Designed with a wide mouth and triple threading, the leak-resistant vials are made of unbreakable clarified polypropylene for easy specimen verification.

Review Summary

Neutral Buffered Formalin

Pre-Filled Vials Packaged for Easier Distribution

  • Compact package design makes one-hand transportation easy
  • Designed for substantial space savings and convenience
  • Other size options available
Pre-Filled 10% NBF • 60mL vial/30mL Fill
Estimated ship date of 05/19/2021
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