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Monoject SmarTip Needleless Med-Prep Cannula

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With the Monoject SmarTip, there's no mistaking it for a hypodermic needle. Your patients will be enusured of a clean, pristine needle for the injection of their medication. Not approved for accessing pre-pierced IV port.

Review Summary

Monoject SmarTip Needleless Med-Prep Cannula

Latex Free

Safest Way to Draw Medication from Vials

  • Needless plastic cannula is designed to access rubber stopper med vials
  • Eliminates confusion and possible misuse as a hypodermic needle
  • Draws medication at rate equivalent to 16-gauge 1.5" needle
  • Reduces chance of coring and particulate matter generation
  • Fits any brand and any size syringe with standard luer lock or luer-slip syringe tip
Monoject SmarTip™
Needleless Vial Access Cannula
Estimated ship date of 05/14/2021
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