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MRI Safe Multi-Purpose Mobile Station

Perfect for storing supplies on-the-go, this versatile mobile station provides ample room for infection-control necessities, bandages, tube caps and other healthcare essentials. Transparent storage makes it easier to track and organize supplies, while the bins' tilted designs allow for more convenient access. A lightweight design and durable casters make the station ideal for moving through hallways and patient rooms.

Review Summary

MRI Safe Multi-Purpose Mobile Station

MRI-Safe Mobile Storage Solution

  • MRI-safe, all-purpose cart is ideal for storing supplies
  • Transparent storage for easier organization and supply tracking
  • Ten easy-access tilt bins
  • Lightweight design and casters for ease of mobility
  • 5lb weight capacity per tilt bins; 25lb weight capacity per drawer
  • Color options allow for department color-coding or matching cart covers to facility decor
MarketLab Multi-Purpose Mobile Station
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