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Medical Transporter

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You know your specimens are safe in this tote. ISC Labs have approved it for temporary storage of both platelet production (20-24°C for up to 8 hours) and non-platelet production (1-10°C for up to 12 hours) whole blood. It's ideal for on-site collection of temperature-sensitive specimens, medications, medical devices, and organs.

Medical Transporter
  • Tote
  • 2 stacking baskets
  • 5 disposable liners
  • Qualification report on CD

Review Summary

Medical Transporter

Cool and Store Whole Blood Units

  • Validated by ISC Labs
  • Conforms with FDA regulation 21 CFR, Part 600.15
  • Nylon clad material is lightweight yet durable
  • Straps on back for securing to optional dolly
  • 2 stacking baskets hold up to 16 blood units (670mL each)
Medical Transporter • 1.6 cu ft capacity • OD: 17.75"W x 12.75"D x 24.75"H • ID: 15.75"W x 10.75"D x 22.75"H
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Plastic Liners
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Handling Dolly
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