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Mechanical Physicians Scale

To ensure durability, special attention was paid to the high-quality construction - right down to the smallest detail. The generously sized, low-profile platform is easy to step on. Large, easy-to-read numerals are printed on both sides for patient and staff convenience. A special coating prevents the numerals from fading, even after years of use. Integrated casters provide easy mobility. There is even a special coating on the lever apparatus to protect inner parts from corrosion.


Additional Features

Platform: 13.2"W x 13.6"D x 3.1"H

Graduations: 1/8lb (50g)

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Review Summary

Mechanical Physicians Scale

Mechanical Physicians Scale

  • Simple to operate and easy-to-read eye-level display
  • Broad and flat platform is easy to step on
  • 500lb/220kg weight capacity
  • Rear wheels allow for easy transport
  • Antitip column
  • Scale is printed on both sides
  • Sturdy, slip-resistant cast-iron base
seca® Mechanical Physicans Scale • 20.5"W x 20.5"D x 61.3"H
Estimated ship date of 04/23/2021
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