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LogTag Dry Ice Temperature Recorder

Use this low temperature recorder when transporting specimen samples chilled with dry ice. Simple, two-indication alerts let you know immediately if a sample has stayed within temperature limits or not. Discard after single use.

Review Summary

LogTag Dry Ice Temperature Recorder

Latex Free

"Probe-less" Low Temp. Dry Ice Recorder

  • Intended for use in transit monitoring of specimens incorporating dry ice cooling
  • Immediate indication without needing PC
  • In-transit inspections can be recorder at the push of a button
  • Credit card sized profile
  • Measurement range: -80°C~40°C (-112°F~104°F)
  • Single-use eliminates recalibration and cleaning hassles
LogTag® Dry Ice Temperature Recorder
Estimated ship date of 03/17/2021
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