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GlitterBug GlowBar

Designed as an entertaining way to increase hand hygiene compliance and teach proper handwashing, the GlitterBug works in two ways:

  1. It shows if hand sanitizer was applied correctly: Squirt the GlitterBug Potion on your hands and rub it in like hand sanitizer. Once done, shine the GlitterBug SpotShooter, GlitterBug GlowBar, or GlitterBug Center on your hands—any area not glowing is missing Potion and signifies germs left on your hands.
  2. It shows missed spots during handwashing: Rub the potion thoroughly into the front and back of your hands, making sure to get nailbeds and in between fingers, then wash your hands with soap and water and dry them. Shine the GlitterBug SpotShooter, GlitterBug GlowBar, or GlitterBug Center onto your hands and look for any still-glowing areas that were missed while handwashing and may still harbor germs.

The GlitterBug is perfect for training staff and visitors.

Review Summary

GlitterBug GlowBar

Portable Lamp Fits Easily on Counters

  • Use to scan hands after washing
  • Discreet, convenient size fits easily on countertops
  • Use with a disclosure center or as a portable unit
  • Requires four D-cell batteries (included) or the power adaptor
GlitterBug Lamp
GlowBar Replacement Bulb
Estimated ship date of 03/19/2021
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