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Lighted Forceps


This innovative new tool provides primary and acute-care physicians with light and magnification in a small, single-use forceps for the ear and nose. When squeezed, the two spring grips slide down towards the forceps tip, closing it and providing excellent gripping strength.


Light Source Handle

Designed to provide light for 50 curettage procedures

Review Summary

Lighted Forceps

Lighted Forceps for Safer Foreign Body Removal

  • Brilliant LED white light projects from forceps tip to illuminate the orifice and the foreign body
  • Simple spring-grip design for easy, single-handed operation
  • Forceps designed to accommodate objects up to 5mm
  • One re-usable light source and one magnifier lens included
Lighted Forceps for Foreign Body Removal
Estimated ship date of 02/02/2021
The Lighted Ear Curettes™
Light Source Handle
Estimated ship date of 02/02/2021
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