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Magnetic Induction Stirrer

Using advanced coil technology, this Magnetic Induction Stirrer produces strong magnetic coupling without the need for any moving parts. The motor-less Stirrer won't generate heat, regardless of how long it's been working, making it ideal for temperature-sensitive samples and environments. Mode, speed, and time can all be easily adjusted using a single rotating knob, and the Stirrer maintains continuous constant speed for reproducible results, even if the load changes.

Review Summary

Magnetic Induction Stirrer

Latex Free

100% Wear- and Maintenance-Free Motor-Less Stirrer

  • Motor-less advanced coil technology produces the strongest magnetic coupling that’s perfect for use with viscous solution
  • Will not generate heat, even after hours of continuous use
  • Speed remains constant, even when the load changes
  • Rapid acceleration and braking of less than 10 seconds to quickly meet stirring speed requirements
  • Mode: single clockwise, single counter-clockwise, or auto reverse rotation (1 to 99 cycles)
  • Speed: 10–2,000rpm, variable (1rpm increments)
  • Time: 30 seconds to 60 minutes, variable, one-second increments or continuous
  • Corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean ABS housing
  • Includes two stir bars with chemical-resistant PTFE coating
  • Five-year warranty
Magnetic Induction Stirrer
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