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4-in-1 Clinical Size Tube Rack

The only tube rack specifically designed to hold flat, round, and conical blood-collection and culture tubes, this innovative four-way Tube Rack has a six-way connection that allows users to link wells end to end or side to side in any orientation to create a rack that meets their needs. Accommodating virtually any brand of blood tube, the Rack is made from chemical-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene that stands up to demanding lab use.

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4-in-1 Clinical Size Tube Rack

Latex Free

Customize Your Clinical-Sized Tube Storage

  • Rack has a six-way connection for linking different- or same-sized wells end to end or side by side, in any orientation
  • Accommodates virtually all 13mm and 16mm flat-, round-, and conical-bottom blood collection and culture tubes and 15mL conical tubes
  • Works with most brands including Becton Dickinson, Greiner, Covidien, Thermo Scientific™, Applied Biosystems, and Sarstedt
  • Chemical-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene
  • Infinite Racks can be linked together to fit the number of wells you require
  • Tube bottoms nest in well pockets, keeping them from going through the rack and off the benchtop
  • Molded alphanumeric identification for quick tube location and retrieval
4-in-1 Clinical Rack • 2.75"W x 9.1"L x 3.75"H
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