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LIBERO W Wireless Datalogger


This is the most versatile solution for pharmacies, clinical sites, laboratories. Place the sensor in the refrigerator, start the base station and you’re up and running.

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LIBERO W Wireless Datalogger

Latex Free

Cable-Free, Simple to Install - Wireless Temperature Monitoring with Customizable Reports

  • Operating range: -35°-50°C
  • Memory capacity: 70,000 measuring points
  • Measurement interval: 1-60 minutes, user programmable
  • Sensor works best within 15’ to 25’ range of device
  • Automatic and reliable min/max temperature list; status report, all report data and event reports available
  • Independent of internet and external power supply
  • Programmable warnings include temperature, read-out reminder, calibration reminder, and no connection
  • 100% compliance for pharmacies and clinical sites
  • Uses AAA batteries (included)
LIBERO W Wireless Datalogger
Estimated ship date of 03/18/2021
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