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OmniClean Restroom EVS Cart

Dual-Bucket Mops for More Sanitary, Hygienic Mopping• Dual-bucket design keeps clean and dirty water separate• Removes up to 96% of floor bacteria• Dual chamber bucket keeps bacteria and grime in the dirty bucket• Use with the floor disinfectant of your choice• Microfiber mop pad covers more square footage than traditional alternatives• OmniClean technology uses 1.5gal buckets for water and chemical savings• Powerful scrub board removes debris from the mop pad and isolates it in the dirty water bucket• Horizontal wringer agitates the remaining debris off the wipe pad

OmniClean Restroom EVS Cart
  • Offset pole with actuator
  • 0.5L bottle
  • 1L bottle
  • Mop pad holder
  • 2 microfiber pads
  • Telescopic dust pan
  • Ergo toilet brush handle with 2 brush heads
  • 18" NiftyNabber
  • SmartColor rectangular label
  • Carriage with wringer
  • Gray bucket
  • Gray bucket scrub board
  • Offset tube carriage handle
  • Excella bottle holder clip
  • Dust pan holder clip
  • Toilet brush holder clip
  • NiftyNabber holder clip
  • Storage caddy
  • Excella clip
  • 4 casters

Review Summary

OmniClean Restroom EVS Cart

Latex Free

OmniClean Restroom EVS Cart

  • Color-coded
  • Ergonomic Unger Excella handle
  • Bottle on board
  • Clip system securely stores restroom floor cleaning accessories and keeps them close at hand
OmniClean Restroom EVS Cart
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