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IV Line Holder

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This American made Adjustable IV Line Holder features a truly universal design that makes multiple IV line placement quick and simple. Only the Adjustable IV Line Holder features variable mounting clips that give you freedom and functionality to mount wherever cords and lines get tangled. Use on patient bedrails, wheelchairs, or IV poles.

Review Summary

IV Line Holder

Latex Free

Tapeless, Adjustable IV Line Placement

  • Adjustable fitting conforms to most bed rails, IV poles, and wheel chairs
  • Five built-in clips neatly organize cables and tubing without the use of adhesive
  • Flexible polypropylene construction can conform to slightly curved poles or rails
  • Creates safer environments by eliminating common trip hazards
  • Reduce the risk of contamination and infections by lifting cords off the ground
  • Standardize your entire facility with a single, well-priced Adjustable IV Holder
Adjustable IV Line Holder • 5 place
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