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Shot Blocker

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5 Stars
Didn't Feel A Thing!

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Best product ever! I have a major fear of needles. I asked the nurse to use this shot blocker prior to my flu shot. She used it and I didn't feel a thing! Best shot I've ever had! I will use this product for every shot I get in the future.

Shot Blocker

Latex Free

Instantly Block Needle Pain and Reduce Anxiety

  • Value-engineered ShotBlocker immediately minimizes needle pain and anxiety
  • Uses blunt contact points to saturate the sensory signals around the injection site
  • Simple, noninvasive method creates an immediate distracting effect
  • Single-use design reduces cross-contamination risks
  • For intramuscular and subcutaneous injections including in the arm, hip, or thigh
  • For adult and pediatric patients
  • Sold only to Licensed Medical Professionals
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In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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