Safety & Infection Control

Protect Your Healthcare Facility with Safety & Infection Control Solutions from MarketLab

How do you stay safe in the laboratory? With quality products designed to meet or exceed federal and state regulations.

Our laboratory safety products are designed to keep lab techs safe, prevent the spread of infection, and to meet or exceed federal and state safety regulations.

In this section, you will find surface disinfectants like bleach, a variety of latex-free gloves, glove dispensers, safety eyewear, biohazard shields, eyewash stations, sharps containers, biohazard waste containers, and more.

We also carry the essential infection control supplies you need to help prevent the spread infection in your healthcare facility: hand sanitizer, procedure masks, and face shields.. But the key to successful infection prevention is to get the message out to patients, visitors, and staff about your hand hygiene program and the CDC's Cover Your Cough guidelines. We have many respiratory hygiene supply organizers and isolation stations, as well as message centers for hygiene posters to fit every budget.

Want to see a unique approach to helping prevent HAIs? Check out SCOPE: Infection Control by MarketLab.

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