UV Insect Control System
UV Insect Control System UV Insect Control System

The last thing you or your patient wants to see in a healthcare environment is an insect in an otherwise clean and sterile environment. Install the safest, most effective and clean method for total flying insect control. This Ultraviolet Insect Control System utilizes a unique balance of UV light, as an attractant, luring flying insects to a hidden adhesive board. No insect electrocution. No exploding insect mess. Change glue boards once per month for best results.

Review Summary

UV Insect Control System

Create an Adhesive-Based, 'No-Fly Zone' for Insects

  • Safe, effective, and clean method for insect control
  • Lures insects to adhesive board without any electrocution
  • Operates silently and continuously, 24 hours a day
  • Place near insect hot-spots, trash receptacles, or compactors for maximum effect
  • Easy-to-replace glue boards and light bulbs
UV Insect Control System
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