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HistoTainer Sample Containers

HistoTainer Sample Containers use 10% neutral buffered formalin that penetrates quickly, but fixes slowly to help protect sample integrity. They are highly recommended in microbiology, urinalysis, pathology, drug testing, and histology.

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HistoTainer Sample Containers

Latex Free

HistoTainer Sample Containers Pre-Filled with Formalin

  • Half-filled with 10% neutral buffered formalin as a fixative
  • Incorporates unique tamper-evident screw cap with locking tab
  • Can also be used without tamper-evident locking mechanism
  • Both containers and caps are manufactured without the use of plasticisers or mold release agents
  • 95kPa-compliant
  • Compatible with optional Capinserts™ for easy color-coding purposes
HistoTainer™ Sample Containers
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HistoTainer™ Sample Containers
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HistoTainer™ Sample Containers
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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