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Hi-Accuracy Dual Thermometer

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Hi-Accuracy Dual Thermometer

Latex Free

Dual Thermometer with Stainless-Steel Probes Ideal for Any Use

  • Unit conforms to ITS-90 International Temperature Standard
  • Provides exact readings needed for critical requirements, quality control checks, and routine measurements
  • Ideal for use in water baths, gas systems, reagents, incubators, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, foods, wastewater, and when using pH/conductivity standards
  • Stainless-Steel probes are triple purposed for liquid, gas, and semisolids
  • Accurate tip penetration: 1/3"
  • Temperature range - 58 to 158°F / - 50 to 70°C
Traceable® Hi-Accuracy Dual Thermometer
One Stainless-Steel Probe
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Traceable® Hi-Accuracy Dual Control Thermometer
Two Stainless-Steel Probes
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