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Hematype Segment Device


The Hematype is a low-cost solution to a dangerous problem in blood banks. Normally, to type or crossmatch blood samples, a technologist removes a flexible segment of tubing filled with blood from a blood bag, cuts through the tubing with scissors, and squeezes the sample into a glass test tube. This often results in blood spraying onto the lab counter and the technician. Improper cleaning of the scissors between cuttings can also cause contamination of blood samples. The Hematype is a simple plastic device that fits on top of a test tube. Rather than cutting the blood-filled tubing, the technician inserts it into the Hematype, where a needle pierces the tube, and squeezes the sample into the test tube. The Hematype and inserted tubing segment can then be discarded in a biohazard container.

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Hematype Segment Device

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Safely Pierce Unit Segment

  • Segment device works on your existing tube
  • Eliminates need for using scissors to open segment
  • Protects staff from contamination
  • Fits over tube for quick, safe, and easy device removal
  • Reduces potential of exposure to biohazardous materials
Hematype Segment Device
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Hematype Segment Device
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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