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HemaChem Laboratory Trays


When you need supplies and samples at your workstation quickly, HemaChem trays provide a lightweight and organized solution that meets all of your needs. Each tray more than capable of handling large quantities of up to 16mm tubes.

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HemaChem Laboratory Trays

Latex Free

Quickly Transport Tubes and Supplies from Storage

  • Two models include tube rack option for either 44 or 26 13/16mm tubes
  • Tray space and accessories allow for greater tube transport volumes
  • Includes 2 plastic containers with lids for dust-free storage
  • Optional Low Profile Handle makes trays even easier to grab and go*
HemaChem Laboratory Trays
44-Well Tube Rack • Up to 16mm Tubes
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
HemaChem Laboratory Trays
26-Well Tube Rack • Up to 16mm Tubes
Estimated ship date of 04/20/2021
HemaChem Laboratory Trays
Low Profile Handle*
Estimated ship date of 04/20/2021
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