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AntiMicrobialWASH Manual Dispenser

*Biocote® is a silver-based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of broad-spectrum of bacteria and molds. Biocote will not wear out or rub off over time, making it effective for the lifetime of the dispenser.

Review Summary

AntiMicrobialWASH Manual Dispenser

Latex Free

Helps Prevent the Spread of Germs, Inside and Out

  • Dispenser has built-in antimicrobial protection* which inhibits growth of bacteria and germs
  • Dispenses antimicrobial foaming soap
  • Large push bar can be activated with hands or elbows
  • Printed with universally understood instructional illusstrations
  • Transparent cover allows for content viewing without having to open dispenser
AntiMicrobialWASH Manual Dispenser
Standard • 5.188"W x 4.625"D x 9.188"H
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