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Kleenhanz Hand Sanitizer

Eliminate Germs and Protect Your Hands

Kleenhanz wipes offer a new, advanced, water-based solution for cleansing, sanitization, and the removal of 99.9% of dirt and germs - all in one step. This exclusive, alcohol-free formula combined with a unique wipe/towelette design makes Kleenhanz a smarter choice than typical foam sanitizers that can rub dirt and germs into the skin.

Kleenhanz Alcohol-Free Hand SanitizervsAlcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
Removes dirt and germs  Smears, does not clean; Should be used on hands that are already clean
Creates a physical barrier to provide long-lasting germ protection  After drying, germ-killing agents are finished working
99% water-based formula that's non-flammable and non-toxic  Highly flammable, toxic drying agent that can be abused
Does not irritate cuts and scrapes  Irritates cuts and scrapes
Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth  Excessive use dries out skin which can crack and become susceptible to infections

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