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Half-Size Freezer Rack for 30mm Tubes


These Half-Size Freezer Racks are as tough as they come. They are molded in in a single, continuous piece, eliminating the possibility of breakage along seams. They are also engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and caustic laboratory chemicals. The unique, tear-drop shape of the test tube compartment holds test tubes securely.

Review Summary

Half-Size Freezer Rack for 30mm Tubes

Freezer Safe Half Size Racks

  • Constructed of Delrin® to safely handle extreme cold and hot temperatures (-40°C to 140°C)
  • Resistant to acids, solvents, and most harsh laboratory chemicals
  • Multiple color options allow for color-coding and organization of specimens
  • Autoclavable up to 121°
  • Molded index coordinates help you locate specimens quickly
Half-Size Freezer Rack
For 30mm Tubes • Holds 9 • 4.3"L x 4.3"W x 3.3"H
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