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Expanding Cryo Storage Boxes

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Create more room for sample manipulation with this expandable cryo storage box. Stackable and autoclavable, the box helps reduce potential cross-contamination and fits into standard freezing racks. Included wells have alphanumeric identification and center depressions to stabilize conical tubes.

Review Summary

Expanding Cryo Storage Boxes

Latex Free

Reduce Potential Cross-Contamination

  • Expands to create room for sample manipulation and reduce potential cross-contamination
  • Wells with alphanumeric identification have a center depression to stabilize conical tubes and a cryogenic vial lock for one-handed cap removal
  • Stops opened microfuge lids from interfering with other wells
  • Stackable and autoclavable
  • Clear lid locks the rack together
  • Fits into a standard freezing racks with temperatures from -80°C to 121°°C
  • Micro Expanding Cryo Storage Box has two usable sides - one side holds 64 tubes of 0.5ml and the other side holds 96 tubes of 0.2ml
Work2Store™ Cryo Storage Box
Expanding • Holds 64 x 1.5/2mL
Estimated ship date of 04/12/2021
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