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Flowmi Tip Strainer

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Do you experience sample loss when straining? Are you spending extra time and effort straining? With the Flowmi Tip Strainer, easily preserve small volume samples and avoid clogging flow cytometers and high speed cell sorters. Minimize fluid retention due to small surface area and allow desired cells to filter through while retaining cellular debris. These unique strainers work with existing equipment in your lab and increase the speed of your workflows.

Review Summary

Flowmi Tip Strainer

Latex Free

Avoid Clogging During Flow Cytometry Analysis and Cell Sorting

  • Compact size - fits directly on a wide variety of 1000µl pipette tips
  • 40µm porosity
  • Space-saving tray with sliding cover contains 50 strainers in upright position
  • Unique manufacturing process using high-quality, low-density polyethylene
  • Pre-sterilized using gamma-irradiation
  • Cannot be autoclaved - single use only
Flowmi Strainer • 40μm
Estimated ship date of 05/26/2021
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