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Igloo Wound Irrigation Shield and System

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The Igloo Wound Irrigation System makes wound irrigation safe and more effective than ever before. The shield is designed to safely direct effluent removal away from the wound without back splash and the spray head provides continuous flow irrigation to help promote healing.

Review Summary

Igloo Wound Irrigation Shield and System

Wound Irrigation System

  • Utilizes the Igloo Irrigation Shield on a high-volume sprayer
  • Allows users to irrigate at the optimal wound cleansing pressure of 5-15psi without having to refill every 60cc's
  • Attaches to a variety of saline bottles
  • Provides continuous high-volume wound irrigation that effectively removes bacteria and necrotic tissue
  • Prevents backsplash of blood pathogens
  • Wound Irrigation Shield can be used with any standard luer lock syringe
Igloo® Wound Irrigation System
Estimated ship date of 03/10/2021
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