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Wall Mount Eye Wash Station

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With a large, 16gal capacity that meets ANSI flushing requirements, this mountable eyewash station is ideal for placement near workplace hazards or in any laboratory. Full-flow nozzles that cover a wide area and a hands-free design aid with quick, thorough flushing, and the easy-to-use station comes with highly visible instructions to assist with use.

Review Summary

Wall Mount Eye Wash Station

Latex Free

Thorough Flushing with Large-Capacity Eyewash Station

  • Hands-free eyewash station clears out both eyes at once and allows users to hold open eyes during use
  • 16gal capacity permits thorough flushing over the 15-minute flushing period required by ANSI Z358.1
  • Full-flow nozzles cover a wide area
  • Easy-to-understand, highly visible instructions
Wall Mount Eye Wash Station
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