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Faucet-Mounted AXION eyePOD Eyewash

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This unique faucet-mounted solution provides the quickest way to installing AXION, doctor-recommended eyewash technology. Activate by rotating the front half of the eyePOD to bring the AXION eyewash ports to the top. Rotation automatically re-valves the unit and routes water up through the eye wash ports for comfortable, effective irrigation. To prevent scalding and comply with tepid water regulation, the eyePOD's built-in, patent-pending safety thermostat automatically closes when water temperatures exceed 100°F. The thermostat feature restores regular eyewash function when water cools to safe temperatures.

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Faucet-Mounted AXION eyePOD Eyewash

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Faucet-Mounted AXION eyePOD Eyewash

  • Quickly and easily installs to virtually any faucet
  • Half-turn rotation of the eyePOD front activates water through eyewash ports
  • Built-in, thermostat shut-off valve mitigates risk of accidental scalding and complies with tepid water regulation
AXION® eyePOD® Emergency Faucet-Mounted Eyewash
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