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AXION Eyewash

The Future of Safe

AXION. The ground-breaking technology behind these eye/face wash solutions is changing what it means to be safe. Only AXION Emergency Eye/Face Washes give the functionality that duplicates methods recommended and used by professionals. Traditional designs sweep contaminants toward the inner corners of the eye while AXION provides the ideal approach, sweeping contaminants out and away from regions most effected in serious chemical or particulate eye injures.

What is AXION?

  • Inverted water streams protect inner corners of the eye
  • Smooth flows provide consistent, comfortable water pressure
  • Predictable stream height enhances comfort for full 15-minute flush
  • In-line strainer collects debris to help reduce injury
Doctor recommended for:
  • Victim comfort
  • Medical superiority
  • Injury reduction
  • Overall effectiveness

How safe is your emergency eyewash system? Learn more here.

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