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Extreme-Accuracy Thermometer

The Extreme Accuracy Refrigerator thermometer features patented technology and ISO 17025 calibration, laboratory accredited by A2LA. The minimum/maximum feature allows the unit to monitor readings overnight, on weekends, or for any time period. It displays the exact time and date the MIN/MAX temperature occurred and when audio and visual alarms were triggered. Alarms are programmable in 0.1° increments. Visual and audible alarms signal continuously even if temperature returns to non-triggering range. It can be mounted anywhere with stand, Velcro, magnetic strips, or wall mount. Micro-cable (10') permits refrigerator doors to close on it.

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Extreme-Accuracy Thermometer

Latex Free

Perform Temperature Control Checks with International Standard Accuracy

  • High-precision device conforms to ITS-90 International Temperature Standard
  • Units read 0.00°C, 25.00°C, 37.00°C, or a combination of all three to 0.01°
  • Accurate to ±0.05°C within ±2°C of 0.00°C, 25.00°C, and 37.00°C
  • Stainless-steel probe is purposed for liquids, gases, and semisolids and detects slightest temperature change
  • Visual LED and audio alerts when temperature rises above or falls below high and low set points
  • Uses two AA batteries (included) that powers unit for up to one year
Traceable® Extreme-Accuracy Standards Thermometer
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