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Muvman Medical Ergonomic Perching Stool

Introducing the Muvman Medical! With the same dynamic functionality as the standard Muvman Perching Stool, the Muvman Medical also comes with upholstery created specifically for the medical industry. The Muvman Ergonomic Perching Stool is an award-winning sit-lean-stand seating solution. A 13” height travel range allows users to either sit, “perch”, or stand. Muvman's flexzone® technology and cushioning responds to body pressure, ensuring a pleasant seating experience.

Review Summary

Muvman Medical Ergonomic Perching Stool

Ergonomic Perching Stool Made Specifically for the Medical Environment

  • Upholstery features a patented stain-fighting and abrasion-resistant treatment to help infection control efforts
  • Adjustable seat height between 20” - 33”
  • A permanent 4° forward tilt of the spring strut means you always sit at an ideal distance to your working surface
  • Comfortable and flexible seat
  • Built-in carrying handle
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