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SIMone™ Birthing Simulator

Using patented haptic response technology, this innovative Birthing Simulator provides students with a realistic, innovative training experience that's heightened by a specially developed visual and audio interface. Giving students the opportunity to practice delivery in a realistic manner, SIMone is able to initiate a new birthing scenario within 60 seconds and also has a force feedback mechanism that allows trainees to learn and develop skills for performing complicated procedures.

SIMone™ Birthing Simulator
  • Vacuum extractor, Mennox 60mm
  • Vacuum hand pump
  • Naegele forceps
  • 200mL lubricant
  • Latex-free disposable gloves, M/L
  • 2 replacement genital inserts
  • Assembly tool
  • Operating manual

Review Summary

SIMone™ Birthing Simulator

Latex Free
Prop 65

Practice an Instrumental Delivery in a Realistic Manner

  • Model of a female abdomen with a vulva and the spina ischiadica as landmarks
  • Fetal head inside of the simulator has a sagittal suture and fontanelle for determining position and approach of the head
  • Touchscreen monitor displays an exact image of the position and rotation of the fetal head within the maternal pelvis
  • Customized delivery scenarios for modified model-based training
  • Trains in interpreting respiratory sounds, sounds of pain experienced by the mother, and fetal heartbeat and uterine contraction through a CTG
  • Teaches medication administration, proper handling of instruments, and assessing fetal-head position
  • Monitoring software provides information on the progress of the birth and allows training in intervention though the use of medication and vacuum or forceps
  • Cardiotocograph and partogram support the assessment and progress of the delivery scenario
  • Three-year warranty
SIMone™ Birthing Simulator
Estimated ship date of 03/08/2021
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