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Life/Form® Infant Auscultation Trainer

Life/Form® Infant Auscultation Trainer
  • Basic Infant CRiSis™ Manikin Chest Skin
  • Infant auscultation chest skin
  • 6 umbilical cords
  • 6 umbilical cord clamps
  • IV bag with clamp
  • 1qt of Life/form Blood
  • Bottle of pump spray lubricant
  • 8 towels
  • Infant remote
  • Infant SmartScope
  • Infant auscultation dual headset
  • 30W amplifier/speaker system with speaker and wire connections (for 61372 only)

Review Summary

Life/Form® Infant Auscultation Trainer

Latex Free

Teach Students to Correctly Identify Auscultation Locations

  • Ideal for airway-management training and umbilical clamping, cutting, and cannulation
  • Eleven heart, four bowel, and nine lung conditions
  • Make diagnoses by comparing sound variations heard at different sites
  • Instructors use the included remote control to choose from an array of heart and lung conditions
  • Remote control allows users to select and switch among conditions
  • Heart, bowel, and lung sounds vary at different sites
  • 100' range remote control
  • Completely wireless design without internal speakers
  • Five-year warranty
Life/Form® Infant Auscultation Trainer
With Airway Management
Estimated ship date of 04/09/2021
Life/Form® Infant Auscultation Trainer
With Airway Management and Speaker
Estimated ship date of 04/09/2021
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