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Episiotomy and Suturing Simulator

Excellent for obstetrics training, this Simulator provides realistic training on caring for and closing injuries after vaginal births, including episiotomies and vaginal and labial tears. The outer anal sphincter muscle, superficial transverse perineal muscle, and bulbospongiosus muscle can be palpated and sutured in the perineal area, while the muscle and skin layers can be sutured separately.

Review Summary

Episiotomy and Suturing Simulator

Latex Free
Prop 65

Improve Obstetric Episiotomy and Suturing Skills

  • Provides realistic training for taking care of and closing injuries after vaginal births
  • Muscle and skin layers can be sutured separately
  • Cuts can be sutured several times
  • Realistic-feeling material is easy to clean with a damp cloth (dry completely before storing)
  • Adjustable, slip-resistant holder
  • Insert can be removed from the holder and used while lying on a table
  • Three-year warranty
Episiotomy and Suturing Simulator
Estimated ship date of 03/08/2021
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