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E-Count Colony Counter

Combining a multifunctional electronic counter and a Sharpie pen, this innovative Colony Counter prevents missing or double counting colonies. Ideal for use with any standard Sharpie, users can easily change pen color to track colony counts. The ergonomic, easy-to-handle Counter stores up to 32 separate counts and can also display the total of all counts.

E-Count Colony Counter with Pen
  • E-Count Colony Counter
  • Black Sharpie
  • Button battery
  • Hand-tally adaptor
  • Weighted stand

Review Summary

E-Count Colony Counter

Latex Free

Electronic Colony Counter Works with Any Sharpie® Pen

  • Multifunctional electronic counter and Sharpie pen reduce risk of missing or double counting colonies
  • Easily change between marker colors to check different colony counts in the same view
  • Stores up to 32 separate counts and displays the total of all counts
  • Lock counter off to allow use of the marker without registering any more counts
  • Use with any standard Sharpie
  • Choose from an audible beep or LED flash to acknowledge count
  • Light, ergonomic body is balanced for easy manipulation
  • Count up/down verification
  • Five-year warranty
E-Count Colony Counter with Pen
Estimated ship date of 06/14/2021
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