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White Phlebotomy Tray with 13mm Tube Rack and Lid

This Phlebotomy Tray with Lid includes one 13mm tube rack and is a great starter set. The lid helps address security and aesthetic concerns while working within the hospital setting or collecting and transporting specimens in off-site facilities, because open trays may be a temptation for unauthorized use or removal of sharps or other supplies. It also eliminates viewing of collected samples from the public as well as protects the contents from inclement weather when collections are performed off-site.

Review Summary

White Phlebotomy Tray with 13mm Tube Rack and Lid

Keep Your Blood Draw Supplies Organized and Protected

  • Discourages unauthorized use, viewing, or tampering
  • Isolates possibly infectious specimens from non-laboratory personnel
  • Crafted from lightweight ABS plastic
Tray Lid & White Phlebotomy Tray with 13mm Rack
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