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Bellows Pipettes

Review Summary

Bellows Pipettes

Latex Free

Pipettes Ideal for Viscous Liquids

  • Accordion-shaped, high-capacity bulb acts as a reservoir for filling and expelling liquids
  • Bulb provides strong suction for use with viscous liquids
  • Chemically inert to biological fluids and many acids
  • Nontoxic and nonslippery
  • Can be heat sealed, gas sterilized, and frozen in liquid nitrogen
  • LDPE is easy to grip with gloves
  • Temperature range: -50°-90°C
Transfer Pipettes
7mL • Bellows
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
Transfer Pipettes
15mL • Bellows
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
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