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Comfort Cap

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When it comes to PPE caps, professionals usually have two options: the bouffant cap with a secure fit that can hurt after long periods of wear or a surgeons' cap that's comfortable but doesn't always fit securely. Thanks to the Comfort Cap, you can now have the best of both worlds. The innovative cap has a bouffant-style elastic back that holds the cap and your hair in place and a surgeon-cap front that provides comfortable fit that won't leave lines. The soft, lightweight cap is designed for long periods of wear and is one size fits most.

Review Summary

Comfort Cap

Latex Free

Comfortable, Secure Cap Perfect for All-Day Wear

  • Lightweight cap with bouffant-style back and surgeon-cap front
  • Elastic in the back helps hold hair and cap in place
  • Elastic-free front creates a fit comfortable for long period use
  • Cool, soft nonwoven spunbond polypropylene
  • One size fits most
Comfort Cap
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