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Titan UV Rapid Handheld Sanitizer

Target areas where microorganisms are highly prevalent - beds, chairs, and countertops with this handheld UV sanitizer. Slowly pass the device closely over the surface area to allow the energy from the very high output UVC emitter to decontaminate. The aluminum safety shield prevents direct exposure to UV-C energy, while simultaneously adding reflectance to increase the light's total effectiveness.

  • Handheld Sanitizer
  • Carrying Case
  • Pace Timer
  • UV Glasses
  • Instructions for Use

Review Summary

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Titan UV Rapid Handheld Sanitizer

Latex Free

Decontaminating with UV Light Gets Personal

  • Kills or inactivates MRSA, TB, E. coli, listeria, salmonella, C. diff spores, CRKP, VRE, HIV, and Norovirus
  • Decontaminates surfaces including countertops, seating, beds, and hand rails
  • Approximately 9000 hours of operating time per bulb
Titan-UV™ Rapid Handheld Sanitizer
Estimated ship date of 02/14/2020
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