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Fresh Mix Bleach Dilution System Starter Pack

Get the correct mix of bleach solution every time you squeeze the trigger on the sprayer. The Fresh-Mix Bleach Dilution System does the mixing for you - right when you need it. Save time and money with the Fresh-Mix Bleach Dilution System Starter Pack. Bleach refills and additional sprayer bottles are available.

Fresh-Mix Starter Pack

3 sprayer heads with water bottles
12 bleach cartridge refills

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4 Stars
Great solution for problem of making fresh bleach dilutions every week

wrote ():

Works very well. They do get clogged somewhat routinely, though. Our fix is to soak the sprayer heads in hot water and spray hot water through both sides. This usually removes the clogs. We still have to replace sprayer heads every few years. Still much better than making up fresh bleach every week.

2 Stars
weak dispersion

wrote ():

The solution does not emit from the sprayer consistently. Intermittent strength of spray at best. Hand gets tired squeezing 100 times in order to get perhaps 15-20 good squirts. Inefficient. It's confusing to see how poorly it performs when it isn't the cheapest thing around. The principle seems pretty simple, but the performance does NOT live up to expectations or demands.

Thank You for Your Review
We are sorry to hear you are having performance issues with your Fresh-Mix sprayer. Over time, the bleach can build up on the sprayer and dry out the head. To prevent this, it is best to remove the bleach cartridge and spray water only through the head before storing.

If you continue to have trouble or have more questions, please contact us at Your satisfaction is important to us.

MarketLab Customer Care

4 Stars
Very convenient

wrote ():

Instead of mixing your own bleach dilution, this does all the work for you. Easy to use and lasts a long time.

Fresh Mix Bleach Dilution System Starter Pack

Budget-Friendly Disinfecting Starter Pack

  • Costs significantly less compared to purchasing separately
  • One squeeze of sprayer automatically mixes 1:10 bleach solution
  • Bleach formula is highly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including C. diff spores
  • Unique delivery system helps prevent bleach from degrading
Fresh-Mix Bleach Dilution System
MarketLab Fresh-Mix Starter Kit
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