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SystemSURE PLUS™ Clean Verification System


With studies showing that only 34% of near patient surfaces are actually cleaned in accordance with facility standards, are you sure your facility is as clean as it should be? SystemSure PLUS helps improve thoroughness of cleaning from 40% to 82% simply through ATP cleaning verification. Excellent for spot checking labs, pharmacies, and cleanrooms, the CDC recommended Verification System provides actionable results in 15 seconds and works in four simple steps.

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SystemSURE PLUS™ Clean Verification System

Latex Free

How Clean Is Your Healthcare Facility?

  • One of the leading methods recommended by the CDC for monitoring and improving environmental cleanliness in hospitals
  • Actionable results in 15 seconds
  • Excellent for spot checks in labs, pharmacies, and cleanrooms
  • User-friendly, flexible monitoring system ideal for use in any healthcare facility
  • SureTrend software allows users to track cleaning verification results, quickly identify problem areas, compare facilities and departments, and generate reports
  • Only method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurements
  • 200 programmable user IDs make it easy to track individual performance
  • Easy to use and interpret with minimal training
  • Runs for over eight months on two AA batteries (not included)
SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Cleaning Verification System
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