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Datalogging Hygrometer

Datalogging Hygrometer
  • Probe
  • Stand
  • Velcro®
  • Magnetic backing
  • Wall mount
  • Traceable® Certificate
  • Batteries

Review Summary

Datalogging Hygrometer

Latex Free

Easily Track Humidity and Temperature

  • Ideal for use in labs, pharmacies, and cleanrooms
  • Smart-Alarm™ with a visual/audible alarm that continues to go off even if the unit returns to nonalarm conditions
  • Stores up to 30 unique alarm events
  • Status indicators for low battery, memory full, USB data transfer, and active alarm state
  • Hi/lo alarms can be set for relative humidity and temperature
  • Alarm-tracking feature stores each alarm event, detailing when the alarm state occurred and when the unit returned within range
  • Alarm indicators include audio alerts and flashing LCD segments
  • Humidity range: 0-95%RH, noncondensing and resolution of 0.1%, and maintains an accuracy of ±3% RH between 5%-75% (otherwise ±5%RH)
  • Ambient temperature range: 32°-145°F; external probe temperature range: -4°-158°F
  • Temperature resolution of 0.1° and accuracy of ±0.4°C across the entire temperature range for both ambient and external probes
Traceable® Datalogging Hygrometer
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Traceable® Datalogging Hygrometer
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