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Diffcount III


Uses RS232 to interface with LIS

Stores up to 127 specimen results for later editing and selective or batch transmission

Can query LIS and display hemogram results


8 counting keys

Percent calculation


12 counting keys

Percent of total and absolute WBC count calculation

Review Summary

Diffcount III

Best Seller

The Cadillac of Digital Differential Reading

  • Specifically designed for the hematology lab
  • Can be set with either a 100 cell lockout or signals when 100 cells are tabulated
  • LCD screen maintains a real-time tally of the cells counted
  • Calculates percent and absolute WBC values
  • 110-115V
Diffcount III
Estimated ship date of 04/20/2021
Diffcount III
Standard • 8 keys
Estimated ship date of 04/27/2021
Diffcount III
Deluxe • 12 keys
Estimated ship date of 04/21/2021
Diffcount III
Deluxe with RS232 Printer Port
Estimated ship date of 04/20/2021
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