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Deluxe Yacker Tracker

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Utilizing the same design as a traffic light, Yacker Tracker is a unique audio-visual reminder for anyone passing by nursing stations and through lobbies. Designed to bring noise to appropriate levels that improve patient satisfaction, a green light indicates comfortable sound level for resting patients, while a flashing yellow light warns of increased noise. If sounds rise above programmable decibel level, an alarm is activated and the red light is illuminated. Alarms can be changed to a voiced "quiet please" instead of a siren to better suit quiet, healthcare zones.

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5 Stars
Yacker Tracker

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Very appropriate for our setting and needs

More Information - ML15804

Deluxe Yacker Tracker

Latex Free

Decrease Noise Levels for Increased Patient Satisfaction

  • Sound-activated noise monitor can be adjusted to varying decibel levels
  • Unit can be self-standing or mounted on walls
  • Vocal "quiet please" in 4 languages or record custom "red light" alert
  • Option to turn alert sounds on or off
  • Delayed alarm function activates alert only after 2 or more seconds of continuous noise
  • Red light counter registers each time red light activates
  • Works in areas up to 35' x 50'
Yacker Tracker®
Deluxe With AC Adapter And Remote • 2 AAA Batteries included
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Yacker Tracker®
Remote Control
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