Customizable Solutions

Custom Logo Printing and Personalized Products to Meet Your Needs

We pride ourselves on providing you with healthcare solutions that meet your exact needs - no matter how unique those may be. You should never have to settle for an item that doesn't do or say precisely what you need it to.

Our commitment to customization is driven by our ceaseless desire to exceed your expectations. We're interested in matching you with what you want - not loading you up with what you don't.

We invite you to browse our selection of medical items that can be customized, personalized, and modified to align with your specifications. Add your logo to your entryway mats, infection-control kiosks, and safety scoreboards. Modify the size or shape of your anti-fatigue mats. Create a new acrylic dispenser design that fits best within your facility. Let us know how we can tailor any of these products to serve you best.

Screenprint Your Specimen Transport Totes Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats Custom Logo Mats

Add Your Logo to Infection Control Kiosks Custom Safety Scoreboards Custom Label Order Form

Custom Reagent Holders

Martyn Smith - "I asked MarketLab to create a reagent holder that was long - I'd say about two feet long - and it just held these boxes perfectly and I was able to stack them. It was unique to Parkland's refrigerator - I'm not sure all refrigerators could house this same length. MarketLab has been really accommodating in trying to work with us and adapt to what we need."

Parkland Health & Hospital System, Dallas

Just the Right Height

Dan Scungio - "These durable cans bring a new, clean look and improved patient safety to the laboratory setting. Specimens that may be dropped or roll off of counter tops can no longer be lost in the trash.”

Sentara Healthcare, Norfolk, Va.

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