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Reader compatible with either conventional hematocrit centrifuges that utilize a 75mm tube or with the CritSpin centrifuge that uses 40mm tubes

Review Summary


Rapid Micro-Hematocrits

  • Two-minute spin provides complete cell packing
  • Quiet, compact system ideal for office lab or clinic
  • High-intensity fiberoptic illumination allows easy reading of tubes while processing
  • Compatible with either glass tubes or SafeCrit plastic tubes
  • Digital HCT display reduces chance of errors
  • CLIA Waived-No. 533868
Digital Hematocrit Reader • 6.8"W x 6.4"D x 2.4"H • Includes: 75mm adapter, Power Supply
Estimated ship date of 05/06/2021
StatSpin® MP
System • Includes Centrifuge and Digital Hematocrit Reader
Estimated ship date of 05/06/2021
StatSpin® MP
Estimated ship date of 05/06/2021
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