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Compact Lab Centrifuge Package

Compact Centrifuge Package
  • Centrifuge 300-6500rpm; 4000rcf
  • 30° fixed, 6-place rotor for 10mL and 15mL tubes

Review Summary

Compact Lab Centrifuge Package

Latex Free

Small in Size, Big on Applications

  • Compact design allows you to keep centrifuge at your workstation without taking up much space
  • Digital variable speed control allows for wide range of laboratory applications
  • Lid lock system increases safety by preventing lid from opening until rotor comes to complete stop
  • Electrical specifications: 120V, 60Hz, 2A, 60W
  • Timer range of 30 seconds to 30 minutes or continuous
  • 1-year warranty on centrifuge and rotor
Compact Lab Centrifuge Package
Estimated ship date of 09/20/2021
Adapter set for ML6982
Estimated ship date of 05/27/2021
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