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Coil Cord Power Strip

Review Summary

Coil Cord Power Strip

Prop 65

Flexible Coil Cord Reaches a Full 10 Feet

  • Flexible cord is easier to manipulate into place than stiff fixed-length cords
  • Includes 4 hospital-grade outlets with covers, hospital-grade plug, and two 15amp resettable circuit breakers
  • Switchless design prevents accidental shut-off
  • Designed for permanent mounting to any mobile cart, IV pole, and wall for use outside of the 6-foot patient radius
  • UL1363A-compliant (certified for use on movable equipment assembly that is rack-, table-, or pedestal-mounted)
Coil Cord Power Strip • 13.75"L x 2.5"W x 2"H
Estimated ship date of 03/24/2021
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