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UTI Test Kit

Accutest® Uriscreen UTI Test Kit
  • Dropper bottle with 10% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • 20 stoppered tubes with test reagent powder
  • 20 disposable 20mL pipettes
  • Instruction manual

Review Summary

UTI Test Kit

Latex Free

Rapid UTI Test Kit

  • Clear, obvious results in two minutes or less
  • 95% negative predictive value is higher than the urine dipstick method
  • Rapid screening detects both bacteriuria and pyuria by identifying catalase activity
  • Cost-effective Kits can be used to complement conventional culture methods
  • Requires no additional instrumentation
  • 36-month shelf life at room temperature
Accutest® Uriscreen UTI Test Kit • CLIA Waived
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Accutest® Uriscreen Positive/Negative Controls
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